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Aug 16,  · In deciding whether to go with XLR cables vs RCA cables, I was initially guided by Robert Harley in his complete Guide to High End Audio says (on page ) “Many products offer the AES/EBU interface which is carried on a balanced line terminated with three-pin XLR connectors. Most people can't help arguing balanced vs unbalanced even if.

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Plus 2 Pair XLR outputs,2 1/4’’ (L/R) outputs, Each pairs RCA (L/R) inputs and outputs, 2 pairs 1/4’’ mono + stereo,1/4’’ Send + Return and 1/4’’ headphone jack High Accurate Led Lights and Power Supply:Delicate LED peak level indicator, and ultra musical 3 band EQ on all channels; For reliable power source, this DJ mixer. Mar 26,  · Note, one of the RCA sets is a line out as are the balanced XLR ports. The mm port is a balanced line-in and will come in handy for those looking to connect their DAPs or other OTG capable sources as the main DAC to the K9 Pro ESS amplifier. The front panel has a triple lineup of PO connections including a 4-pin XLR and mm output for. 2 x Unbalanced RCA. 2 x balanced mm TRS jack (as XLR) 2 x Unbalanced RCA. Analog Audio Output Connectivity. 4 x Unbalanced RCA. 4 x balanced mm TRS jack (as XLR) N/A. Analog Audio Input Impedance. kΩ. kΩ. kΩ. Analog Audio Output Impedance. Ω. Ω. N/A. Analog Audio Input / Output Max Levels. 2 V RMS / 2 V RMS.